Thoughts on Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is an essential ingredient in being comfortable in your own skin. It is something that you acquire over time if you look in the mirror and not only see how you look on the outside but also dig deep until you reach the heart of your soul. We develop self-awareness every minute of every day with every person or situation and how we choose to deal with them. The best times to acquire self-awareness are in quiet, private moments when we are doing absolutely nothing. We empty our minds of all noise and distractions. Then we turn our focus inward and do a thorough examination and exploration of our inner selves. 

Self-awareness understands that we are constantly growing and changing and welcomes this growth and change. Self-awareness encourages risk and discourages fear. It helps us discover gifts and strengths, our limitations, our opportunities for improvement and gives us an abundance of clarity, insight and understanding. Self-awareness never fails us unless we choose to ignore it.

Self-awareness demands that you be right here and right now. Many people avoid self-awareness by becoming entangled in other’s successes and challenges. When you commit to being involved in your own daily successes and challenges, you have taken an important step toward self-awareness. Make a commitment to set aside a quiet hour each week to check in with you and to develop your self-awareness. Your increased self-awareness will allow you to be truly comfortable in your own skin whatever success or challenge, person or situation that comes your way. Enjoy your personal journey of exploration, examination and enlightenment.


About The Motivator Minute

The Motivator Minute is written by "The Motivator" who for the past 18 years has been a motivational and leadership coach for business, life and career. She offers her international clientele a creative approach to coaching, training and promoting. Her greatest strength is that she gives her clients her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, a commitment to their success and an abundance of creative ideas. She is a coach, leader, facilitator and motivational speaker who supports, encourages and motivates individuals to make positive and lasting changes in their personal and professional lives. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater success through increased business and personal visibility and credibility; with individuals who are experiencing career and life transitions and with an organization’s leaders so that they can do and be their best on the job and in their lives. Please note that all material on this blog is original and copyright protected. Copyright 2011 The Motivator All rights reserved.
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