Interest, Inform and Impress in an Interview

In my practice as a motivational coach, I am often called upon to prepare individuals for  interviews with one interviewer or a panel of interviewers. I want to share some of my secrets that have resulted in many of my clients being successful getting jobs that were a stretch for them and that they were less qualified for than other candidates.

Secret #1 – Remember It’s Not About You

How many times have you walked into an interview with an individual or panel of individuals and focused on yourself? An interview is a sales pitch. It’s up to you to sell the interviewer(s) on why you are the best candidate for the job.  There are two important things that you must do to prepare for a successful interview. First, shift your perspective from the interview being all about you to being all about the interviewer(s). Second, find out everything you can about the role, the interviewer(s) and the organization.

Secret #2 – Do This and Gain an Advantage Over the Competition

Most interviewers often have only enough time to scan rather than read your resume. Give them all of the the information that they need to know about you on one page – the SIMPLY THE BEST page. It describes what makes you the BEST candidate for the job, lists the five-seven BEST accomplishments in your career and provides three of your BEST ideas of how you would contribute to the organization.  Put a copy of your SIMPLY THE BEST page with your resume in a folder that reflects the colour the organization uses in its logo or name. Prepare a few extra folders and bring them to the interview in case the interviewer(s) wants to distribute them to other individuals in the organization. If you do all of this, you gain an significant advantage over the competition.

Secret #3 – Make a Memorable First Impression

When you walk into the interview room, give your folder to the interviewer(s) before you sit down in front of them. Allow the interviewer(s) to review its contents before you begin the interview. You have made a memorable first impression in four ways:

– by connecting with the interviewer(s) and making it all about them not you;

– by giving them one page that they can refer to both during and after the interview;

– by showing them that you have done that little bit extra to prepare for the interview;

– by demonstrating that you want to always exceed your client/customer’s expectations.

Send me an e-mail and tell me if these secrets worked for you in being successful in the interview and in ultimately being the candidate chosen for the job.


About The Motivator Minute

The Motivator Minute is written by "The Motivator" who for the past 18 years has been a motivational and leadership coach for business, life and career. She offers her international clientele a creative approach to coaching, training and promoting. Her greatest strength is that she gives her clients her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, a commitment to their success and an abundance of creative ideas. She is a coach, leader, facilitator and motivational speaker who supports, encourages and motivates individuals to make positive and lasting changes in their personal and professional lives. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater success through increased business and personal visibility and credibility; with individuals who are experiencing career and life transitions and with an organization’s leaders so that they can do and be their best on the job and in their lives. Please note that all material on this blog is original and copyright protected. Copyright 2011 The Motivator All rights reserved.
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