You Have a Business Plan Now Create a Life Plan

When you start a new business or expand on an existing business, you require a business plan. Whether you own or work for a small or medium-size business or you are an employee of a large organization, you follow a business plan. A considerable amount of time, energy, money and resources is spent on putting together a solid and detailed business plan. The business plan is the road map that will guide and support your business. A solid and detailed business plan contributes to the growth, strength, success and profitability of a business. There are businesses that specialize in producing solid and detailed business plans for a variety of new and existing businesses.    

What about spending the necessary time, energy, focus and effort required to put together a value-aligned goal-driven life plan? You may think that there is not the same return on investment with a life plan that you have with a business plan. However, your life should be much more important to you than your business so like your business it deserves a solid and detailed plan. You should realize an even greater return on investment with a value-aligned goal-driven life plan than you would with a solid and detailed business plan.

Here’s how to put together your value-aligned goal-driven life plan. Write down your twelve most important values. Some examples of values are: acceptance, adventure, balance, challenge, creativity, fitness, freedom, fulfillment, fun, generosity, growth, health, honesty/integrity, independence, learning, money, peace of mind, power, recognition, security, strong and supportive relationships. Choose some of your values from this list and add some of your own to create your list. Once you have determined your values, choose of one of the twelve values and decide on 3-5 goals that align to this value and that you will work on for the month. Create a chart with the goals listed on the left and a column for each of the days of the month. Put an X in the columns of the days when you achieved a goal. you can also track your goals on your electronic calendar or in your hard copy agenda. Next month repeat the process until you have focused on each of your twelve values. You have now created a value-aligned goal-driven life plan that you can continue to review and revise every month for the rest of your life. 

Remember you have a solid and detailed plan for your business, ensure that you have a value-aligned, goal-driven plan for your life.


About The Motivator Minute

The Motivator Minute is written by "The Motivator" who for the past 18 years has been a motivational and leadership coach for business, life and career. She offers her international clientele a creative approach to coaching, training and promoting. Her greatest strength is that she gives her clients her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, a commitment to their success and an abundance of creative ideas. She is a coach, leader, facilitator and motivational speaker who supports, encourages and motivates individuals to make positive and lasting changes in their personal and professional lives. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater success through increased business and personal visibility and credibility; with individuals who are experiencing career and life transitions and with an organization’s leaders so that they can do and be their best on the job and in their lives. Please note that all material on this blog is original and copyright protected. Copyright 2011 The Motivator All rights reserved.
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