Made a Mistake? Mend it, Manage it and Move on

Have you made a mistake recently? Was it a small issue that was easily fixed and barely noticed or was it a big problem that not only had significant impact on your team, your clients/customers and your organization but also resulted in a considerable loss of time, money and reputation?

When you discover that you have made a mistake be it large or small, you feel angry at yourself, doubtful about your abilities, fearful of the consequences and uncertain about how to handle it. Be kind and compassionate with yourself, recognize that you are still great at what you do, overcome your fear by focusing on how to fix the mistake and deal with your uncertainty on how to handle it by taking these three steps calmly and confidently.

Step 1 – Mend the Mistake – Before you can fix a mistake, you need to admit that there has been a mistake as quickly as possible. Timing, information and communication are critical.  Take responsibility and avoid procrastinating or pretending that things are not that bad. Gather as much information as possible relating to the mistake. Communicate with everyone who needs to know about the mistake.

Step 2 – Manage the Mistake – Create a solution to fix the mistake. Develop a strategy to implement the solution. Communicate your solution and implementation strategy to everyone involved. Get any approvals that are required. Implement the solution as quickly as possible. Remember time is money and mistakes can ruin or restore reputations.    

Step 3 – Move on from the Mistake – Often it is harder to move on from the mistake than to admit it, discover it or repair it. Identify and document what you have learned from the mistake and what you can do to avoid a repeat mistake. Forgive yourself, ask others for forgiveness and give yourself a time limit to let go of the mistake. Then move on. 

Mistakes are the stepping-stones to success. They give you the chance to grow and learn.


About The Motivator Minute

The Motivator Minute is written by "The Motivator" who for the past 18 years has been a motivational and leadership coach for business, life and career. She offers her international clientele a creative approach to coaching, training and promoting. Her greatest strength is that she gives her clients her energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, a commitment to their success and an abundance of creative ideas. She is a coach, leader, facilitator and motivational speaker who supports, encourages and motivates individuals to make positive and lasting changes in their personal and professional lives. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater success through increased business and personal visibility and credibility; with individuals who are experiencing career and life transitions and with an organization’s leaders so that they can do and be their best on the job and in their lives. Please note that all material on this blog is original and copyright protected. Copyright 2011 The Motivator All rights reserved.
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