ps – pretty sweet perfectly simple positively special

I had a very pleasant surprise this past Sunday. I relearned the valuable lesson that often the most amazing experiences, wonderful memories and successful people are close at hand and right under your nose.

Do you live in or visit downtown Toronto? Do you love to explore trendy Queen Street West in the rain or in the sunshine? Are you having a bad day and need a place to go to indulge your sweet tooth to feel better or are you having a fantastic day and want to celebrate it with a sweet treat? Are you looking for a warm, quiet and friendly place in downtown Toronto to meet with a special someone, family, friends, clients/customers or colleagues for a personal or professional conversation, a business pitch or closing or a creative collaboration? If you venture down Niagara Street from Queen Street West and make a quick right on King Street West or if you head down King Street West a few blocks west of Bathurst on the north side of the street, you will soon be standing in front of a row of lovely brick townhouses with an eclectic group of businesses selling everything from pet grooming services to Murphy beds. Nestled among them is one with a discreet white sign in front of it that politely states: “ps by pretty sweet”. If you look in the window, you will see three multi-tiered cakes staring out at you like playfully sculptured hats. As you climb the stairs and enter the door on the right, you will find yourself in a place that is perfectly simple and positively special. You will feel like you have just been given a big hug.

This is a place where you can find sweet treats baked with the abundant love, gifted touch and creative genius of Adjoa Duncan, who has been baking since she was 15 years old. What started as a generous and thoughtful gesture of baking personalized wedding cakes for seven friends who all married in the same summer five years ago has developed into providing individual, corporate and restaurant clients with baked goods that can lead to problem solving, productive sharing, prolific selling and progressive success.

Adjoa portrays sweetness in so many ways. First, her personalized service is exceptional as her motto is: “Whatever the occasion, whether it is your birthday, wedding, anniversary or another celebration, I will make exactly what you want.” She can create a fabulous cake or dessert to meet all of your needs including dairy, sugar and gluten free. Second, whether you eat your sweet seated at a table in the beautiful cafe, standing at the counter or you take your sweet away in one of the stylish pink dotted bags or solid pink boxes to eat on the balcony, front porch or a park bench, at your desk or at a dinner party, your order is prepared specifically for you. Third, her passion seeps from every pore. Fourth, her inspiring personal story of hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence makes you want to  properly savour every word that comes out of her mouth and every bite that goes into your mouth of her dense and delicious chocolate brownies and white chocolate blondies, thick and tasty chocolate chip cookies, chewy and classic coconut macaroons, simple and scrumptious butter tarts, perfect and precise cupcakes and small glass mason jars filled with cool and creative caramel cheesecakes or intense and incredible milk chocolate mousses with chocolate brownie bases. There is a discount for returned jars. Fifth, pause to share one of these treats with a prepared specially americano, hot chocolate or tea for now or a freshly squeezed lemonade with a selection of homemade syrups on a hot summer day and you have a truly pleasurable way to pass some time.

Finally, I must mention two more things that makes ps a pretty sweet, perfectly simple and positively special place. Adjoa generously provides small bite-size samples of her yummy chocolate chip cookies daily. She has also filled her shop with personal treasures and antique finds that reflect her core values: a love of baking, a commitment to her customers and a respect for the past and its lessons of doing more with less and making use of what you have: a chandelier replete with cutlery place settings, giant wisks for overhead lamps as well as glass cake stands and dessert plates each with its own story. Family and friends have also contributed to much of the shop’s charm and comfort.

P.S. Find your way to ps by pretty sweet the next time you want to celebrate a success, need some warmth and kindness or want to give a salty person some precious sweetness.

You can check out their website at, contact Adjoa at 647-352-3318 or 416-500-5652 or drop by and visit the shop at 848 King Street West in Toronto.


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