The Anagrams of Team

An anagram is a word that contains all of the letters of another word in a different order, in other words, one word is rearranged to form another. The anagrams of team are mate, meat and tame.

The word mate is a reminder that the team requires these important values in abundance to be strong, successful and sustainable: fit, skill, support, belonging and friendship. If the team lacks these values or neglects to nurture them at every opportunity, then the team may begin to fail, falter and/or fracture.

Without the mate, there is no team.

The word meat is a reminder that the team contains a lot of meat which is its depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. The meat is also the values and strengths of each member of the team. It is also the level of dedication and commitment to excellence that each teammate brings to the team.

Without the meat, there is no team.

The word tame is a reminder that in order to be proactive, positive, productive and progressive, a team must be focused and disciplined in its use of two of its most valuable resources: energy and spirit.

Without the tame, there is no team.

Finally, if you an “s” to team, it becomes teams. Anagrams for teams are steam and mates. You need the steam of mates to propel teams forward to excellence and greatness.

The word teammate is a powerful one as it is made up of two words that are anagrammatic: team and mate. This shows a strong and secure bond between the team and its individual mates and the mate and the rest of the team. It is as if you cannot have one without the other.


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